Magnetic healings in Ancient Time,
The use of magnets as therapeutic devices is not new. Magnet Therapy is an age-old practice going back many civilizations and was mentioned in ancient writings from many cultures.
Magnet Therapy has become an alternative treatment method for many medical conditions. Magnetic therapy is well advanced in Japan, China, India, Australia and Germany.
During the Vedic period of around 4000 BC, the most ancient Hindu scriptures the Vedas were born which set forth all guidance on all aspects of life, religion, customs, traditions and cures of diseases through various healing agents. The ancient human believed in the healing properties of magnet and therefore, used it for curing many diseases.
Egypt kings and queens wore magnets in   their crowns and attires with the fond belief of everlasting health and vitality, which the magnet was supposed to bestow. Ancient Egyptians used to refer Magnets as `lodestones`, and used them widely to prolong life and improve health.

In more recent times, magnets considered to be the father of modern medicine, believed that the life force of the body was most influenced by the force found in magnets. Many civilizations are replete with the incorporation of Magnetic stones in their Daily and therapeutic life.
One of the most interesting belief of early times remained that the magnet has a `soul` as it moved iron. Therefore it was used to detect infidelity in women, who, according to the ancient belief, could not  lie  comfortably in bed with their husbands when the magnet was placed under their pillows.
The magnetic harmony of the human body has been studied and incorporated in a very ancient Hindu custom, according to which - a person in the last moments of his life should be made to tie down on the ground (not on the cot) in the north-south direction-head towards north and feet towards south to induce magnetic parallelism between the earth and the body. This was believed to bring peace, tranquility, and mitigation of pain and less suffering while leaving the ephemeral world.
The magnet, therefore, is highly useful in inflammations, influxes and ulceration, in diseases of uterus and in internal as well as external diseases."
History of magnetic therapy
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