Magnet Deficiency

Magnetism is a basic force in nature: The Earth itself has a natural magnetic field and all creatures are born and live out their lives under the influence of this natural force. It protects life on the planet by shielding us from harmful radiation, and it is said to have a nourishing and beneficial effect on us.
Many people believe that modern day mankind may be "magnetic deficient". This condition may be arising from modern life, the insulating effect of living and working in concrete and high-rise buildings. Added to this we are surrounded by a surfeit of electronic and electrical gadgetry. Both of these effects actually block our natural exposure to the Earth's magnetic field. There is also a relatively recent decline in the Earth's magnetic field. If this 'magnetic deficiency' is true, it may be the cause behind many recent unexplained illnesses, and why the use of magnets can have a positive effect in so many conditions.

    Provides Pain-Relief
    Improves Circulation
    Promotes Relaxation
   Enhances Well-Being

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Difference between North and South Poles?

The North and South poles are magnetic opposites. Scientists call these geophysical magnetic lines - from north to south, with the North being the Negative and the South being the Positive.
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